Marijuana germination guide

Marijuana seeds require moisture, warmth and darkness for successful germination. We recommend you use clean water. [The best to use is distilled water!]. Most municipal water supplies have clean, pH neutral water that is very suitable for germination. A small amount of chlorination is beneficial for killing a lot of the parasites in the water. If the local water supply is not of good enough quality to drink then don't use it to germinate marijuana seeds. Bottled spring water, without additives or carbonation, is usually a good source of water for germination. [We recommend to use de stilled water]

For best germination results, put the marijuana seeds on clean soaked paper towel, room temperature water. Cover the marijuana seeds with a layer of soaked paper towel. The marijuana seeds should be left to soak in a dark warm place [65 to 80 ºF | 18.5 to 26.5 ºC]. A kitchen cupboard is usually suitable. Check the marijuana seeds about every 12 hours. If the paper towels feel a little dry add a little water.

Usually within 48 hours the marijuana seeds swell and split their outer seed casings. Do not continue soaking after the white, initial roots are visible at the crack in the seed casings. The marijuana seeds are ready to plant at this point. Soaking the marijuana seeds until the roots are exposed can result in stressful, early root damage. Plant the marijuana seeds in a clean, pH balanced medium. The medium should be loose and light with very good drainage. We recommend a blend of Perlite, vermiculite and sphagnum moss.

This can be purchased premixed and can be used alone or mixed with light, sterilized potting soil. Marijuana seeds should be planted about 1/4 to 1/2 inch | 0.5 to 1 cm deep in containers at least 4 inches | 10 cm deep to allow the initial tap root to grow straight down. The container should have drainage holes to prevent drowning the seeding. The medium or soil should be thoroughly damp, but not soaked. High humidity is essential to good germination rates. Keep the planted marijuana seeds covered with clear plastic. Place the planted marijuana seeds under horticultural lights or a cold frame in a warm humid environment, [20 to 25 ºC | 67 to 78 ºF]. Remove plastic covers, once the marijuana sprouts have cleared the soil surface and the first true serrate leaves are forming. Keep medium or soil damp and fertilized with quarter to half strength vegetative fertilizer during this stage and watch them grow.

Some varieties of marijuana seeds will not germinate at room temperature but germinate fine at 90 ºF | 32 ºC. About 20 ºF | 6 ºC higher than room temperature... Never let the seeds dry out! and do not use bleach or mix bleach with the water. Using bleach will kill your seeds!