Are you interested in How to Grow Marijuana indoors?
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Growing Cannabis requires certain skills. What is the best way to learn these skills and is there a better way to learn than Visual learning?
This DVD covers all you need to know about indoor Cannabis growing according to the Latest Dutch Knowledge and Technologies!

The Marijuana Grow DVD is the first professional DVD about growing cannabis for home use.
Almost everybody has a small space in their homes that can be used for growing a few marijuana plants.

This DVD shows you step by step how to grow Cannabis plants for home use.
See how a room is transferred to a small plantation and wich materials and equipment are used for the best results.

You also can follow the whole process from planting the small plants to harvesting the Cannabis. This DVD is a Must have for all of you who want to know everything about
Growing Cannabis!

Research shows that the average man prefers visual information instead of information in print. “Grow DVD” is the first DVD that shows you in simple step by step instructions how to grow Cannabis for home use.

The “Grow DVD” is a bestseller on the Dutch Cannabis market because the “Grow DVD”:

is the first DVD about home growing
gives objective information without long commercials from sponsors
is available in different languages
is awarded as the best production about home growing for 2004
shows the cultivation process according to the latest Dutch knowledge and technologies

“Order today and get the growing schematics and information on the many
different available Cannabis plants for free”.